Wednesday, 24 December 2008

You know when nobody likes you

You know when no body likes you:-
When you dont hear from them till you contact them
When they never invite you out or round
When you generally feel like your an outsider and different to everyone else.
They never call or text
The only time they do contact you is when they want something (See a pattern emerging)
You make plans to do things and they never manage to find enough time for you so cancel
You get them an Xmas Pressie but they never bothered
Forget your Birthday
IT use to really bother me, that no one or very little people like me, maybe there is just something about me that is no likeable, I use to think I tried so hard but now I hardly bother and I still have the same outcome
I have to face it, I am who I am and people can either like me or not
Why should I let it bother me?
I guess everyone wants to be popular and liked...
I think alot of it is fake
Im picky with my friends, If they use me or upset me in such a way I block them out of my life as why waste your time in the company of friends who are not really who they say they are.
Wouldnt your time be better doing something more constructive with your time?
I dont want this post to sound depressing, I hope it doesnt come across that way
Just remember if you have a good friend keep them close and never let them go as its so damn hard to find another!


justme said...

yeah i know what you mean friend it take more that get rid of me though lol

crazyrach said...

hahaha damn it didnt work