Sunday, 30 November 2008


I have many dreams, what frustrates me more then anything is.... I forget them early on in the day, and what I should do its note them down on here, AS I believe that there is a link by what we dream and what we live.

My friend who I have never met, We often have dreams about one another.

The dreams I have of my friend are that im in USA normally a busy city and we are on some form of public transport, the last time it was a train.

I also had a dream about her when she was in UK here we were in Manchester on the bus! She also had a dream about her coming over here and that we were on a bus! maybe our souls linked together and thought "hey lets meet up and have some fun"

So maybe me and my friend should track our dreams and see if we have similar findings?

Friday, 28 November 2008

Ok This is ME

Ive always thought about writing a blog, but I just never got round to it, so thought "hey, why not?"

I am a hard working person who is indecisive, and somewhat erratic. I always look at ways of improving my life but never have the knowledge to do anything about it.

With 2 small children under the age of 3 I find it hard to do things for myself which is a bit of a sacrifice but I know its worth it, I know those years will pass me in a flash and I will be wishing I was living those special moments again.

I dont believe in god, I dont have any religous views except I know there is something that no one can explain but we all feel it in our different ways.

I believe in past lifes and soul mates, I believe the deep connections we have with some people mean more then just friendship.

Rude people irritate me, it never takes much to say thank you!

I love fashion and my favourite boot is the UGG! If I had enough money id buy every pair I could!

If money was no big obstacle for me, it would allow me to improve myself as well as others, It certainly would make me happy!

Id fly over to chicago business class and bring one of John's sisters to babysit so we could go out with my best friend tammy!

Age really just is a number, and distance can not make two people seem miles apart even though they are!

Again my time is up, as I have work to do..