Thursday, 11 December 2008

Ah whatever I dunno

Ah whatever I dunno what I am gonna write yet although Im sure there is some crap in my head somewhere that I can reel off to you!

Right its freaking freezing here, The snowman I made last week is still half alive although his head has melted, which means his big carrot nose is laying on the floor...

Theres patches of snow ice from last week its taking ages to clear, infact I cant remember the last time it was so cold that it wouldnt melt! Urghh its annoying when having to put the kids in the car and having to navigate around the icy paths...without going ass over tit!

A well known superstore called WOOLWORTHS is closing down it sells a bit of everything really, homewares, kids toys mainly and never was very good at giving you a bargain except when there was a sale on, so there closing down and are clearing all there stock off, we have a small one in RAWTENSTALL and went in there today with john around 9am and the kids in there Pushchair, it was crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy people were queing for miles, ok not miles but as far as I could see.

I had my eye on a Chest made of Wicker its pretty big £50 reduced to £30, excellent I thought as i carried it through the heard of people queing, hardly being able to see as its really that big then it came to me...urmmm how am i going to get it in my car, DOH!! anyway no it will be ok I thought, Il squeeze it in! how wrong was I, with the pushchair in the boot it takes up pretty much all the space, the kids are in the back and johns in the front so there was no way we were all going to get in!

Luckily johns dad lives about 10 mins away by walking and John said he would walk there as I drove, I said it wouldnt be the end of the world would it, you can always get a taxi

So now I figure I need a bigger car, maybe a 7 seater next as the other day I was faced with another problem, My honda hrv only has 4 seats 2 in the front and 2 at the back and they are wide, I didnt know this till I had paid the dealer the £4,000! but hey there is only 4 of us, and I have no plans to have any more children, and I guess if i had a 7 seater id then have to pick people up and the performance would be pants

I quite like my car, its alright, its the best I can afford for £4,000 although I think if I actually had some money id buy a bigger newer 4x4 for about £25,000 but thats just a pipe dream for now but its nice to have something to look forward too isnt it?

Thats another thing I dont understand, people who cant be bothered to work and better themselves then moan about it like life owes them! Wtf no life owes you nothing, you have an Equal chance of success and making money as anyone. Oh and I hate it when they say "OH YOUR SOOOOOOOOOO LUCKYYYYY like im lucky to have a mortgage over my head and lots of debt and bills bills bills.

It would absoultely kill me if either of my children decided they wanted to live off the state and not work, it would destroy everything I am, I dont know what id do, infact its something that worries me, I will do my best I can for them but I dont want them living off handouts, Its a way of life here in the UK, you can decide not to work and you get a free house, free everything and if you have kids your laughing! like 2 or 3 kids you pretty much get the same amount of money as a working family does but without having to get up and go to work....although they dont get given a house as such just somewhere to live....but they have a nice little life but i couldnt live like that, what would I do with all my time.

Before I had kids I always worked full time from 8am to 6pm , especially with my online job i worked constantly with no break at all and I miss not being able to work full time, I worry that people think im lazy and a lay about living off the state, although I like to think I dont look like I am with my Designer Ugg boots and nice Phil and teds pushchair, as lets face it, chavs cant afford those things even with the credit....

Well my babble is over now, I always have something to talk about hope it wasnt too boring to whoever can be assed to read lol

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justme said...

lol friend it wont kill him to walk, that made me laugh outloud