Saturday, 21 February 2009

Terminal Cancer At 27!

She started out on Big Brother many years ago and carved a career out of being in the spotlight, now has 2 sons aged 4 and 5 and has separated from the dad for many years but has a boyfriend who is only 21 and who she is marrying tomorrow as she only has a matter of weeks to live.

She has Advanced Cervical Cancer and this was diagnosed August 2008, shes had chemotherapy but its too late, 8 days ago her world came crashing down after an emergency operation which was a sucess on her bowel that was blocked with a tumour,they found her cancer has spread to her liver and groin and is spreading so rapidly.

Then she was told what everyone dreads "There is nothing more we can do for you"! She asked how long she had left and they said 1-2 months.

So last monday she started to plan her wedding which is being held tomorrow. She is said to be making around £1million from the wedding which will be going to her boys so they will be financially secure.

I feel so sad for this girl, she is the same age as me, has 2 sons just like me and is being robbed of seeing her sons growing up, and her poor little boys are going to be left with no mother.

If you have been avoiding that smear test please dont! Go and get it checked out, as im sure she thought this was never going to happen to her....but it has