Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Sometimes I feel Lucky!!

Not many times do I feel like the lucky one! but all week I have been feeling pretty lucky...

You see there was a major gas explosion here, a few miles away and it blew out a number of small towns 18,000 homes without gas now and well im pleased to say our town was the only one that didnt get effected! how jammy!

Its December its cold, Gas here in the UK is a main energy source, we heat our homes, cook our dinners, wash ourselves and pretty much wipe our asses with gas, ok maybe not the latter but we rely on it heavily

So its Christmas eve, eve and many homes are facing no heating over Christmas, it really couldnt come over a worse time!

Why dont these things happen in Spring or summer?

I dont really rely on my heating much, I have it on a bit in the day but generally I am cold but just put more clothes on. Although hot water is a must

Anyway I just wanna note how damn lucky I feel today

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justme said...

aww you are lucky id be going nuts