Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year

Weeeeeeeeeeee its 2009 and already Ive had my first Puke!

You would think that would happen with someone drinking heavily! The thing is I Dont drink at all, nothing, zilch so wtf why was I up at 4am this morning puking?

Must have been something I ate obviously but its still a little irritating when I dont drink, wasnt even drunk or anything like that!

So I welcome the new year in with a foul taste in my mouth, tired as I have to work for 8am and cant even go to sleep at lunch as I have to work then aswell

See things dont change, It maybe 2009 but someone up in the clouds is still watching me and having a right good laugh!


1 comment:

justme said...

lol friend you know i would be laughing at you good thing i wasnt there hehe