Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Life with no internet

What the hell did people do before the internet?

I Dont know...what would you do?

I love the fact I can log on and find out anything I want

I can shop from home and not have to do any xmas shopping in the shops as I hate that...urghh crowds!!

Internet banking is great! although sometimes i have to go back to flintstone ways to pay a cheque in...

I Dont own a cheque book though! who does? WTF

There is a downside to the internet...you can sit there all night browsing through crap and not actually do anything predictive also its soooo easy to spend money.

You can make bags load of money from the internet if you look hard enough you will find it, trust me...

I cant think of anything else to say but i just wanted to write some more crap

1 comment:

justme said...

Life sucked then friend. I think we did arts and crafts and talked on the phone. I dont remember.

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