Monday, 8 December 2008

Busy Weekend

Friday Night

Decided to order a chinese and wish I hadnt as it was nasty and spent £22 on the both of us! most of mine ended up in the bin

Woke up later then usual 9:30am, Charlie in the middle of our bed, Jay playing in his bedroom!
Drove to Rawtenstall and got a couple of Xmas pressies
Stayed at home and watched Jays new DVD "Fireman Sam" then the kids went to sleep
I cleaned
Kids wake up and introduce Jay to Playdoh then that kept him quiet for the remainder of the afternoon!

Busy Busy Busy
Woke up and tried to find this car boot flea market, found it and it was massive! Bought lots of cheap toys for the kids! Wondering why I spent so much on new toys for them at xmas...or is it for me!?
Went to Farmers market and waited in the car for John, spoke to my mum who sounds ill :-( but I try and not think about it ( sad to say I dont think she will be here this time next year though)
Went home - got ready to go out to the party wore a pencil skirt black opaque tights with my 4 inch heels with a black top and black cardigan, people commented how nice I looked which was nice, also had some big ass control knickers on, as once you have had a baby your belly never goes flat again, and Ive had 2! and I must admit I dont excercise but Im pleased I can get my ass into a size 10 skirt!

Will add pics later

Got back house a mess which annoyed me, fed charlie put kids to bed

Spent 2 hours cleaning and trying to make things look somewhat normal

9pm laid down and watched Louis Therouz documentry followed by some desperate housewives


justme said...

dont forget tell them how you lost your phone ignored your friend all weekend wahhhh! i am glad you had such fun though! woot carboots

crazyrach said...

aww i know my poor friend wondered what had happend, i never know where my phone is though...not unless im using it, if i actually went out then id have to have it insured