Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Mothers get no SICK DAYS

Do you remember the time before you were a mother when you felt a little ill so gave work a call "Im not going to be in today, I dont feel too good"

All that changes when you become a Mother and this morning I feel like crap, like really bad crap..... I just want to lay in bed and not get up for a very long time!

My body has been fighting this infection the last week as Ive been sneezing well now that cold has won, Felt ok yesterday, but today urghhh my head is pounding, I ache all over, Im exhausted and theres no point me even trying to get to sleep as I have a baby to look after...

My poor Charlie cant barely breathe he is that bunged up, yet I sit up with him all night cuddling him and telling him it will be ok, while my eyes are trying there best to shut. Jay who is nearly 3 hasnt figured out how to blow his nose yet so when I get him in the morning he has dried snot all over the place, makes his eyebrows stick up...SO he has gone to nursery but I said for them to call me if he seems like he is not his self, they have the Christmas play today so they want to video him on dvd...We will have to see what happens Im sure il get a call later

So my advice is before you have kids....get in as much sleep as you can, take as many sick days as you can as for a very very very long time your not going to get to lay in, even if your kids dont wake up early, they still need breakfast making for them, they still need taking to school etc and there nappies changing.

But if your a bloke and your reading this, dont worry, your life wont change that much, infact your still be able to take those sick days as we all know that WOMEN MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND!


justme said...

oh yes dont forget if you are a bloke reading this, you get to call in sick lay on sofa and moan about your man flu....yah life just gets better for them!

Lazy Housewife said...

LOL I loved it there at the end, though I hope all you guys start feeling better soon!
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