Friday, 19 December 2008

The Box is too small!

Arghh how irritating, I got Charlies pressie and Its in a pretty big box, So this evening I go downstairs so I can wrap it up!

I thought id have a nosy so I got all the pieces out and didnt build it because id have to screw the parts in and I really cant be arsed with that, anyway I started to put the parts back in the box, urmm how come I cant fit all the pieces back in the box? surely its not that difficult, Ok take all the pieces out and re-arrange them, slip that under there, ok, nope that doesnt work either.

Now im thinking, does it matter if all the bits go back in the box! Shouting at myself in my head! YES it does matter! Just think when Charlies bored of this toy its going to be prepacked in the same box and sold on ebay

A few minutes or 20 later I finally manage to get it all in! Thank god, although it wouldnt close properly and was bulging! So i got some parcel tape and stuck it down lol...I Dont think Charlie will notice!

Anyhow Im sure im not the only person who has had this happen to them!

Do they train little guys or gals in these factories to pack things in a certain way?

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