Friday, 12 December 2008

What I ate today

Ive had a bad day -water started to come through my ceiling, I dont want to talk about it so instead Im gonna try and stick to a 1200 calorie controlled diet and well I am not doing very well

didnt manage to grab anything except a coffee, level teaspoon of white sugar, splash of full fat milk

1030am - hungry now had Warburtons Raisin bread with cinn and Flora margerine x2 cup of Tropicana orange juice

an hour or so later

Coffee 1 sugar splash of full fat mik

2 Crumpets 100cals each - 200cals with some margerine

an hour or so later

Coffee, sugar splash of milk round eileens

530pm IM STARVING scoff a packet of bacon flavoured Crisps (130cals) and a cookie 52cals

gone 6pm kids in bed time to make my food,

2 medium sliced warburtons peices of bread, magerine, and heinz baked beans

3 tiny little terrys chocolate orange pieces, equals to 3 sweets am guessing around 150 cals to be on the safe side but its probably less

so its just gone 7pm so no eating anything with calories in it now till the morning ...

here is my breakdown calorie wise

3 sugars - 15cals each total 45cals
half a pint of milk but prob less for those coffees 180 cals
orange juice about 100cals
2 warburtons raisin bread with cinnemmon -200cals
2 warburtions crumpets -200cals
2 warburtons wholemeal bread 200cals
heinz baked beans 300cals
flora magerine -100 cals?
that evil cookie 52cals
those evil crisps 130cals
those yummy evil chocolate orange pieces 120cals

a rough estimated total for today:- 1627 roughly which isnt bad but if i cut out the crisps and chocolate it would have been 1377 roughy

Ideally 1200 cals would be a good point but anything 1300-1400 should show me results in losing weight

I dont have loads to lose, id be happy with losing 7lbs then take it from there

So now my blog may come in handy, i havent weighed myself for a few weeks but i was about 9stone 2-4 roughly

so ive got to eat better and beat the baby bulge and also find some time to excercise too


justme said...

Friend you did good considering all the stress. I would been shoving things in my GOB

crazyrach said...

urghhh i just need the fat sucking out of my belly, those babies did it no good! I miss my old bodyyyyyyyyy wahhhhh..ok i need to get a grip lol