Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Being Popular

I dont think anyone actually even reads my blog, I guess you have to be interesting and a little bit different, well...I dont think im any of those things, If I was I guess my life would be wild and id be more popular.

I always wonder how popular people do it! How do they get surrounded by others and get loads of nice crap?

I must admit I do feel a bit lonely, It would be nice to have a girlfriend to hang around with, but when you get older it's alot harder to find those "special friendships". I admit I have tried and failed numerous times so it does not really bother me as much, especially since having kids as they take up alot of my time..

Being quite a sarcastic person I think sometimes people don't understand my humour, as after all humor is a funny thing, some people simply dont have any, and in that have then insulted them!

It's a lovely feeling when you get a click with someone, and you can say anything to them and you know they will see the funny side, and see what you meant, even if there was a tiny insult in there...

It makes me laugh on social networking sites such as facebook and myspace, people that have like 3bilion friends but 2 wall posts from the same person! It's like....why do you want all those strangers looking at your personal pictures. I have about 50 people on myspace and they are people I know and talk to, or people I simply cannot cut ties with as I have known them for soooo long I just cant face to delete them from my friends list..

I had a girl from school who added me the other day, We were not close friends just in the same class form, we got on ok, she added me, so I thought "maybe she has something to say" I posted on her wall "hey how you doing" etc it been like a week, she not even bothered to message me back although she updates her status every few hours! so WTF delete, your no big loss BRENDA and im sure you won't even notice that one of your 3million friends has disappeared.

It must be a pain in the ass to be popular....


justme said...

some people collect facebook friends me i prefer collecting boots lol

crazyrach said...

ya boots are alot more pleasing to the eye, cant talk back and more useful! plus they make me look good!