Saturday, 3 January 2009


Ok Ive had this Wii for over a year now, only played it probably 10-20 times, It's great when people come round with all the party games etc.

My lovely friend Tammy pur....chased some lovely amazon Vouchers for me at Xmas so I bought MarioKart for the Wii with an extra wheel so me and John can play it together.

Its brillant!!!

You can go online and play people all over the world, which made me even more excited as my friend Tammy has a Wii too so if she got the game we could play Wii together! How exciting.

Im not brillant, I must admit,I cuss alot throughout the game,knowing some smart quick 12 year old is probably gonna kick my ass but hey its fun anyway.

Its great as we have friends across the road, they have a baby a month younger then Charlie (8mths) and we have our two that are in bed the latest 630pm and we cant ever all hook up in the evenings really anymore so we could still play wii together if they got the game too

Anyway it was a ball ache trying to set up my wii to connect with tammys, you have to put in your friends console number so you can exchange miis etc its pretty good!

I think it took me and Tammy and hour to figure out how to do it and im sure she will write a blog entry about it lol

Anyway im gonna go i got another blog to write as ive kinda been ignoring it

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justme said...

WIIIIIIIIIIII mine is coming from amazon so as soon as it gets here we can all play i love the internet