Sunday, 4 January 2009

Ive been on my Wii Fit

Last night at 10pm I thought "what shall i do?" so decided to dust off my Wii Fit, Ive not used it really since I got it a couple of months ago, mainly because I was in that small room although that was an excuse not to excercise too.

So I jumped on and I dont pay attention to the weigh in and BMI as I have a big squishy carpet

I did 40 odd mins or so, I broke into a sweat so hopefully If i do a bit of that every day over a month il lose some ilbs or tone up or something, I just hate my stomach, after 2 children im going to have to face facts its never gonna be like it was before, but I hate the roll that is visable when I wear clothes, Im a size 10 its hardly huge but I just need to get rid of the roll and Il feel alot better.

Thankfully its still Winter and I have a good 4-5 Months to lose this extra Roll of flab

So Im going to make a commitment, at least 30 mins a day on the wii fit

I also went for a walk today too with the buggy with Jay Charlie and John, John was reluctant to go having been out last night on the piss, but wanted to buy some burgers from the shop with loads of cheese, I told him he needs to stop eating so crap and he is lucky he isnt as fat as he could be...

Im very excited at losing the flab now!!

I have to work an hour and the kids are in bed so fingers crossed il be able to do it for 30 mins while they are still asleep later

I should take pics really shouldnt I? see if you can tell in a month or something

ohhh how exciting

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justme said...

friend go to you tube and search for
why every guy should buy his gf a wii fit (that would be you) than search for why they shouldnt buy their gf a wii (that would be me!)