Tuesday, 6 January 2009

My Day Today

Today is Tuesday which means I dont actually have to do anything in particular now Jay is going to nursery 3 days a week (Mon, Wed, Fri )

So I laid in bed with Charlie, managed to keep him there till 9am, went downstairs and organised breakfast, its all a bit of chaos in the mornings as Ive got to prepare Jays Breakfast which is normally toast, juice, do his nappy get him dressed and I have to do Charlies too, baby cereal and his milk, and while doing all this Im trying to make myself a coffee.

An hour or so later I wonder what shop shall I go to?

The local one which is a 3 min walk

Drive to the mini supermarket or walk about 15 min walk

Drive to big supermarket?

I didnt actually know which one I was going to go to till I got all our coats on and decided to take the buggy to the mini supermarket I needed a good walk anyway and it gets Jay out so he cant cause mischief, I walk to the cashpoint get some cash out and head past another mini supermarket but as I was walking closer to it I suddenly thought NO better not as im crap with a buggy and tons of people so Il walk to the next one...as its alot quieter.

As I was heading towards the 2nd Mini supermarket Jay started to Boo, I think its because his hands were cold and he was feeling it now, He wont wear gloves so theres not much I can do about it, he continues to scream louder and louder as we head through the doors, everyone is looking around and I just want the ground to swallow me up, While Charlie is sitting in the back of the pushchair being as quiet as anything, infact I dont even think anyone knows I have a 2nd child half the time he is that good.

Trying to think of what to get, Margarine, milk, brocolli, urmmm malteasers, yep thats it as i head to the checkout as quick as I can, and jays still crying his head off

As I leave the shop hes still at it, but at least im outside now

He doesnt shut up all the way home he gets louder when we get in the house and starts hitting himself lol, I try to console him, asking him what the matter is but he cant seem to tell me so we have a cuddle as Charlie just continues to sit there being amused by a ball

I gave him some calpol as I notice his ears are red, I dont know if it was the cold weather maybe it gave him pains in his ears or something but after 20 mins I calmed him down

So lunch time comes...feed charlie, put him to bed

Let jay scoff on the sofa then he goes to bed

Put baby monitor on and get me something to eat

10 mins later charlies booing

Run upstairs put dummy in

few mins later he is booing

Run upstairs put dummy in

few mins later he is booing

Ok run upstairs bring him down, can smell Jays had a poo

Urghh run downstairs get nappy and wipes

Charlie crying still

Give charlie a cuddle and he starts to fall asleep

So take him upstairs and try and settle him. he falls asleep

Go back downstairs ALONE

Now I have to call the Inland Revenue to get my tax details as I lost them so I can do my tax return by the end of the month

Urghh paper everywhere for a couple of hours

Charlie wakes some time later I bring him down he plays with paper as i continue

Get Jay up and try and amuse him and stop him from sitting on charlie, train set comes out

Time to make food

Peel veggies boil and blend for charlie while trying to keep Jay amused and well behaved

Charlie in his jumperoo amused

Make Jays food

Charlie eats as Jay watches tv in his highchair

Charlie cries as food too hot and he wants his milk

Charlie eats has milk,

Get jays food which is nearly burning

Eat my bake beans on toast (its all I have time for)

Someone knocks on the door while im eating - I ignore it

Run upstairs get bath on for Charlie, bathe charlie put him in his cot

come downstairs wash up all the dishes from earlier

Give Jay his bath

Put all the clothes away that I havent managed to yet in relevant places

Put Jay to bed

Right its 50 mins before I start work

Have a quick shower/bath run downstairs and finish tidying up all toys and crap

10 mins left before I start work, so make coffee and plonk my ass down im working till midnight... with an hour off at 9pm where I will then put wet clothes in dryer

The end!


Lazy Housewife said...

Sounds...busy. LOL I don't know how mums do it, all that running back and forth all day. I suppose I'll find out in a year or two. :)

Abi said...

Oh my God I'm not looking forward to this again when I get studying. I used to run an online shop and that was my life, three kids, feeding wiping washing shushing feeding tidying, listing soap, emailing order confirmations, making soap, bodybutter, wrapping labelling packaging, in bed by midnight up by 6.

I gave it all in!!!!! It's a bloody nightmare xxxxxxxxx

justme said...

oooh my god! stop it! too tired