Thursday, 22 January 2009

Dont Know Why I Bother.

You ever wake in the morning, come downstairs greeted with washing up, clutter and general mess?

Even though you cleaned the day previously for hours and thought your house didnt look that bad but somehow it never seems to be clean and tidy.

I like to think my house is pretty tidy and I hoover like 1x a day downstairs sometimes 2x if the kids have been running around creating mess.

Im living in prehistoric times where I dont have a dishwasher i wash everything by hand so im washing up like 4x a day, which is ok, Its alright however when I do get a new kitchen I will plan to get it fitted in somehow. As at the moment there is no space to have one pumbed in...ASS

I finally got a dryer though early 2008! I know, I know your thinking WTF? Especially if your american as you guys all seem to have dryers there,. Us british we are use to hanging our stuff out on a washing line, Although Its a bit stupid considering it rains here so much.

But oh a dryer it makes your clothes all soft and you dont have to iron, I dont care how much it costs me in electric!! I hate ironing and cant remember the last time i actually ironed anything at all! It makes life alot easier not to have to iron as its tedious and in my experience a waste of time.

When my other half leaves the house in the morning its like he has created a little explosion of mess, ironing board left out (yes he irons his own stuff) although not very well...iron left out (ok its hot) and coffee cup and breakfast left out, smelly socks on the bedroom floor with smelly underpants. Once he managed to leave them next to the wash basket, have no idea why he didnt just put them in!
Oh and when he gets back, same again, clothes left all over the place, as he put his pjs on
my sparkling kitchen ends up a mess after packaging and spills are all over the unit.
He drinks most nights so left over beer cans wine bottles and such are scattered all over....

So every day is the same with the house hold duties

Ive pretty much given up on my bathroom, I try and clean it but it looks nasty anyway as its so old and worn out!

My bedroom needs a good sort out.

See next post of what i need done to my house to make it standard normal!!

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