Sunday, 11 January 2009

Yay where Im going on Holiday

This is where I am staying from Monday To Friday next week

Im going to make sure I take lots of pictures this time.

We went in September last year too but we stayed in executive lakeside lodge which was a bit worrying with a 2 year old especially when he went missing for a few minutes. Also the one we are staying in is more modern and my style rather then the old style which is this

So I think I will prefer the one we have chosen this time, there isnt too much difference in the price

We are going alot cheaper this time as its January but Center Parcs is great its like a holiday park place with lodges with all mod cons, (unlike camping) and has starbucks, resturants, and a sub tropical swimming pool which is free to use.

It also has a spa where you can get oodles of treatments and such! (not that I can afford it this time) might get my nails done but still have to see..

This is an image gallery of the place

Last time I Went quad biking which was wicked, Archery was good, Ten Pin bowling which we are going to do again this time, and we also hired bikes but it was a bit arkward with small children so we are not hiring bikes this time.

Will write about my holiday and post lots of pics when I get back


justme said...

yay take lots of pics, so you are going monday right? lol

crazyrach said...

yes il text you when i get there! weeeeeeeeeee and take tons of pics this time!

hewantsmylastname said...

uhm is it sad I thought the funniest part in your whole blog was about ten pin bowling? I thought, 'you mean there are other types of bowling?' LOL Hope it goes well

crazyrach said...

lol yes there is green grass bowling although ive never done it myself