Saturday, 17 January 2009

You are what you eat!

I have never been one for fad diets or eating healthy.

Infact I remember when I was a kid spending all my dinner money on mars bars, at one stage in my life I was eating like 5 a day. I did alot of sport so seem to burn it off pretty good.

My eating habits are not too bad Ive cut out sugary fizzy drinks only having the odd diet coke/pepsi max I find the normal full sugar coke now like drinking surup...urghh

For breakfast which I only occassionally miss I have Raisin toast or normal brown or white toast although I find white bread not as tasty as brown I love the stuff with seeds in it!! Its gorgeous and great with some margarine on.

Ive never been fond of butter and always go for marge over it, everyone has always thought that a bit weird.

I love pure orange juice not the stuff from concentrate though and have some of that every day

Im really not good with eating my 5 a day infact im pretty terrible so im trying to train my thought process infact ive done it so far with the white bread to brown and the diet coke i barely drink anymore just because I dont fancy it.

I eat what I feel like eating my favourite things are soft moist cakes mmmmm

Ive always felt a bit guilty with eating meat and left part of my meal while eating it so am cutting alot out of my diet although I wont be labelled a vegetarian as I do still want to eat meat just less of it

Also I feel really bad eating chickens that I know have never seen the light of day, that is something that always bugs me when eating chicken so from now on I only eat happy chickens :-)

I tend to eat alot of meat with most meals so Im looking for alternative substitutes and I dont like the look of quorn, pretend looking meat urghhh

So while im typing this im just finishing my meal which John has made its an indian jalfrezzi sauce with fresh brocolli and white rice and its gorgeous also have a nann bread on the side



justme said...

aww friend you be real healthy now eating like that

hewantsmylastname said...

Happy chickens only!

I don't know if it's in Britain or not but here in the States a company called Perdue does chicken and it's fairly organic. Don't know if they let them roam about but I know they don't pump preservatives and stuff in it to make it look bigger. Its always real tender too.