Saturday, 10 January 2009

My Babies First Pee!

Today I screamed "YAY YOU DONE A WEE IN THE POTTY" infact I nearly cried lol, I know its hilarious but it really is a big deal especially when I havent really pushed him to pee in it. Mainly because im lazy and kids do things when they want to do them, you never see kids over 5 in nappies do you? well I never have!

Ive mentioned it every now and again "do you want to wee?"

HIS REPLY "no I not wike wit" (no I not like it)

so this evening like any other evening I was chasing him to get his clothes off, and as soon as I whipped that nappy off his ass he said " I NEED TO WEEEE" and he was hunting for the potty, so he ran in the other room totally naked lol and stood like a man and looked down, then I heard it, the sound of pee hitting the plastic potty! I tried not to distract him by shouting YAY YOU DONE A PEE IN A POTTY" but i did!

This big smile took over his face as he looked so happy that he had mastered having a pee in the potty, he kept looking at it, carrying it around, ( me secretly thinking please dont drop it as il have pee all over the place" )

I tried to call John (out at the pub) couldnt get hold of him so we called Grandma (his mum) and she made a big song and dance out of it aswell!

So we all made a big deal of him having a pee and he seemed to like the idea

Got hold of John half and hour later where the excitement was wearing thin

So my Big lad is nearly 3 and I know some kids are dry alot earlier, but we are in a cold country so cant just have him running around all the time with no clothes on, and also kids do it when they want too...

The problem then I faced was getting him to get into his nappy for night time, he didnt want to put it on...but I said tomorrow you can wee in the potty as much as you like! he seemed excited by that thought so off to bed we went, taking the potty of pee with us so we could flush it down the toilet

We are away on Monday to Friday so are going to try and get him out of nappies next week!

I think once there ready there ready though and I really do feel that he is big enough not to be in nappies now

We danced around the room and I have never in all my life

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justme said...

aww friend i knew it be like that he do same when he do his other business in there lol we saved m girls first one to show her dad when he got home from work heh