Saturday, 7 March 2009

I'm Miserable

I'm so miserable at the moment I seem to have this constant rage firing through my body and just have no patience for anyone or anything.

Maybe it's because im trying to do several things at once, and then feel a failure or loser when I have not managed to do a certain task.

I cant sit down, literally....I cant sit down and watch a tv programme, i just cant do it! maybe thats why I dont watch films. My attention span is as small as a grape although my brain is much larger!

No one seems to get my sarcastic humour, they take everything as an insult im sure of it.

So im a misery guts at the moment, not that I am feeling down as im not sad just in a deep though process!

That poor Jade Goody, I just cant stop thinking about her, (See post before this one) shes in a real bad way now and had her and her 2 lil boys baptised at the church in hospital as she is that ill she cant even move anymore, the cancer has pretty much over taken her body. What an awful disease cancer is...

So my thoughts are with her alot and hoping maybe a miracle may happen, just the slightest glimmer of hope, but there is no chance the news states its spread to her brain, bowel liver she was only diagnosed it August 2008 and it just seems so quick and lethal.

Always go for a smear....

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justme said...

i hope you are feeling better?
who cares who gets you
i think you are hilarious and thats just the fire in you with no where to go yet, you will find out how to use it to your advantage one day and then there will be no stopping you