Sunday, 30 November 2008


I have many dreams, what frustrates me more then anything is.... I forget them early on in the day, and what I should do its note them down on here, AS I believe that there is a link by what we dream and what we live.

My friend who I have never met, We often have dreams about one another.

The dreams I have of my friend are that im in USA normally a busy city and we are on some form of public transport, the last time it was a train.

I also had a dream about her when she was in UK here we were in Manchester on the bus! She also had a dream about her coming over here and that we were on a bus! maybe our souls linked together and thought "hey lets meet up and have some fun"

So maybe me and my friend should track our dreams and see if we have similar findings?

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justme said...

we should, sometimes ive dreamt too that i am near by and i can see you but you cant see me, i hollar but there is something in the way hehe like half a world away right now